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Delivering Respiratory Protective Equipment, Training, Face Fit Testing and Consultancy across the UK

Established in 2015 and with over 40 years in the industry RPEFit are experts in respiratory protective equipment. Our innovative approach to RPE and health and safety in the workplace has included bringing the latest technology to UK markets and gaining national recognition from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Our company director is fully accredited by Fit2Fit in both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit testing 

About Us

PE2Fit Ltd were established in September 2015. Although this is a relatively new company, we have over 40 years experience in the RPE industry.
The company is headed by Fred Charlton who is a fully accredited Face Fit test provider under the BSIF Fit2Fit Accreditation Scheme in both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit testing.

He is one of the first in the UK to go through this scheme. 
Fred has designed and brought innovative disposable RPE and half masks into the UK market. He also received an IOSH certificate in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Health and Safety at Work. He is also carrying out Consultancy work for a Fortune 500 company.

Case Study

An example of the services we provided one of our public sector clients NHS Scotland

Initial Contact from NHS Scotland

RPE & Face Fit Testing

We were contacted by NHS Scotland in March 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak to advise and actively assist in guidance and the delivery of training on both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit Testing. RPE2Fit supervised processes and procedures ensuring best practice whilst being on hand to assist, guide and advise. 

Development of Internal Testing Practices

RPE & Face Fit Training 

Through our close work with NHS Scotland we took on the vetting, selection and strategic placement of 20 fit2fit accredited testers to cover the whole of the NHS in Scotland including related administration and even down to sourcing accomodation for delegates. We were entrusted to ensure appropriate certification and insurance documentation were valid, current and in place. We were further contracted to inspect RPE product offerings ensuring that products were fit for purpose and appropriately CE certified.

Full service & support for Clients & Delegates

Support & Guidance

RPE2Fit supported NHS Scotland in procurement of the appropriate Face Fit Testing equipment during a global pandemic and whilst availability was scarce, we advised on alternative RPE Products outlining benefits and issues ensuring all NHS Trusts had adequate equipment along with full administration of test records reporting back to NHS Scotland, attending SHE team meetings and offering full support and guidance.

Our Team

Fred Charlton 

Fred Charlton is one of the Directors of RPE2Fit Ltd and is the head of the company. Fred is a fully accredited Face Fit Tester. He is well known throughout the industry and builds positive relationships with his clients to deliver the best services possible to each and every customer

40+ years experience in the RPE industry.

BSIF Fit2Fit Accredited Tester in Qualitative & Quantitative Face Fit Testing.

BEBO Certificate in Occupational Hygiene.

Julia Jaconelli

Julia is new to the business and is Fred’s daughter. She is Teacher and Lecturer trained and previously taught in a Residential School. Julia is positive and hard working, and is eager to learn more about the Industry. Julia is dedicated to offering the best services and is very much looking forward to building new and positive relationships with past, current and future clients

BSIF Fit2Fit Accredited Tester in Qualitative & Quantitative Face Fit Testing.

Post Graduate Teaching Qualification in Further Education

BA (Hons) Psychology

Selected Clients

Some of our selected corporate account clients with whom we've engaged in testing, training and full implementation of our services, you can read more about what we do in our case study


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