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Established in 2015 and with over 40 years in the industry RPEFit are experts in respiratory protective equipment. Our innovative approach to RPE and health and safety in the workplace has included bringing the latest technology to UK markets and gaining national recognition from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Our company director is fully accredited by Fit2Fit in both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit testing 

HSE report 12,000 premature deaths from occupational cancer. They also report that there are circa 5 million users within the UK of RPE, of which 50% are inadequately protected due to poor training, poor fit and improper RPE selection

At RPE2Fit we offer unbiased, professional guidance in the correct selection of your RPE requirements, with over 37 years in the industry we are dedicated to providing safe, secure and cost effective solutions ensuring the maximum protection for your workforce.

Face Fit Testing courses in Scotland & Face Fit Training courses in Scotand

We are fully accredited by BSIF in qualitative and quantitative face fit testing and recognised by IOSH for contributions to health & safety

Guidance & Training

We offer a variety of learning options ranging from short half day courses to intensive 2 day TSI PortaCount courses and more. Along with being an accredited assessor our qualified teaching staff can adapt, enhance or support the training experience to your specific team and individual needs.  Learn more...

Face Fit Testing

At RPE2Fit our UK wide assessors and teaching team are accredited to provide both quantitative and qualitative face fit testing, utilising TSI 8038 PortaCount which delivers accurate results on tight fitting RPE and qualitative testing for disposable RPE and half-masks on request. Learn more...

Products & Supply

We offer a huge range of respiratory protective equipment all of the highest standard from recognised manufacturers and distributors. We offer everything from Disposable and Reusable RPE including half masks, full masks and filters along with industry leading innovative powered air and air fed RPE solutions Learn more...

Introducing Our
Mobile Testing Unit

RPE2FIT Ltd are delighted to introduce our new Mobile Testing Unit, this project has been carefully developed to allow us to offer full qualitative and quantitative testing at your premises without the need for a pre-booked room

Onsite & Mobile Face Fit Testing

Our mobile testing unit has been redesigned from its origins as an RAF Fire Wagon, fully equipped with electricity hook up and plumbing to allow us to test your delegates at your own premises, our van boasts multiple entry and exit points for smooth transitions

Daily & Weekly Hire Rates Available

We have a variety of hire options available including daily and weekly rates as well as Self Drive with the option of hiring TSI PortaCount and Qualitative kit with all consumables available

We cover the whole of Scotland in our mobile testing unit, you've maybe seen us out on the roads !

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RPE Guidance Info

In order for RPE to provide adequate protection for each individual, it is imperative that it does not leak. RPE will not protect an individual if it leaks. One of the main reasons that a tight-fitting mask will leak, is due to poor fitting. Since everyone is unique and has different sizes and shapes of face, it is reasonable to say that not one size or type of RPE will fit everyone in your workforce. Carrying out Face Fit Testing, by a competent person, will ensure that the RPE selected fits the wearer.

When initially selecting RPE, a variety should be offered to the workforce. Face Fit Testing should be carried out at this stage and the RPE fit tested for each wearer should be made available to them. If more than one type of tight-fitting facepiece is required, all types must be face fit tested and made available.

It is important that a competent, trained and qualified Face Fit Tester be selected. To help ensure that you select a competent Face Fit Tester, the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) have introduced a scheme for fit testers, which may aid you in your selection. Here at RPE2Fit, we are trained and qualified BSIF fit2fit accredited.


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