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Established in 2015 and with over 40 years in the industry RPEFit are experts in respiratory protective equipment. Our innovative approach to RPE and health and safety in the workplace has included bringing the latest technology to UK markets and gaining national recognition from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Our company director is fully accredited by Fit2Fit in both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit testing 


Training in the use of the TSI PortaCount

2 days

A fully comprehensive course providing an explanation of effects (chronic/acute), why and when to face fit test, a look at different types of RPE, Legislation/Guidance, what requires testing and why, different types of RPE methods and how they work.

Training will be provided in installing TSI PortaCount software, how to set up the device and an explanation on how it works. Individuals will be trained and have practical experience on probing various Full Face, half masks and Disposable Respirators and the importance of position. Database completion and access will be demonstrated and trialed. A practical demonstration will be provided, and training on completing and keeping records will be given. Individuals will also be given sufficient training on what to do when things go wrong, or in the event of a failed test. The course will be completed with a theoretical multi choice test as well as a supervised delegate test.

Training in the use of Qualitative Face Fit Test Kit 

1/2 day

This is a fully comprehensive course covering the history and background of RPE, Legislation and Guidance, what requires and does not require Face Fit Testing and why, various RPE methods and their workings, preparation for a test (both for employee and tester) practical demonstration for Face Fit Test, how to complete a record for the individual being Face Fit Tested and what to do in the failure of a test. The course will be completed with a theoretical multi choice exam and there will be an opportunity to practice their skills by carrying out a Face Fit Test on each other.

Awareness Training and effects of exposure

1/2 day

In order to protect your workforce it is vital that they understand the importance of fitting their mask correctly. This course highlights the effects that exposure can have on health, the importance of correct selection, fitting, training and when Face Fit Testing is required.


Selection and use of appropriate RPE
No one size fits all faces. Face Fit Testing will ensure that the RPE selected fits the wearer and provides adequate protection.

Face Fit Test Management Scheme
When to carry out Face Fit Testing, recording and the keeping of records.

RPE Maintenance
How to maintain, inspect, clean and store your RPE, recording and storing maintenance records.

Powered Air and Air Fed RPE
When, where and why use. Maintenance, cleaning, inspecting and record keeping. 

Face Fit Testing

Quantitative Face Fit testing
Using PortaCount and Accufit ambient particle counters, which deliver accurate results on Face Fit testing of all tight fitting RPE.

Qualitative Face Fit testing
Using up to date Qualitative Face Fit Test Kits on request. (Only relevant for Disposable RPE and Half mask respirators).

At RPE2Fit we can arrange both Qualitative and Quantitative Face Fit testing on your site
We have access to 20 fully Fit2Fit Accredited Testers covering the whole of the UK. 


We supply the following items from our approved list of manufacturers and distributors -

Disposable RPE

Reusable RPE (Half Masks & Full Face Masks and Filters)

Innovative Powered Air RPE

Innovative Air-Fed RPE

Particulate / Gas / Vapour Filters

Qualitative Face Fit Test Kits


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